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Route 66

Your standing near old Route 66. The
line of the roadbed and the telephone poles
in front of you mark the path of the famous
"Main Street of America" as it passed
through Petrified Forest National Park.
From Chicago to Los Angelos, this heavily
traveled highway was not only a road. It
stood as a symbol of opportunity,
adventures, and exploration to travelers.

A trip from Middle America to the Pacific
Coast could take about a week#&151;no
interstate speeds here! For many, the
journey was not just across miles, it was
across cultures and lifestyles#&151;from the
most mundane to the exotic. Of course,
getting to your destination was
important, but the trip itself ws a
reward. From the neon signs of one-of-a-
kind motels to burgers and chicken
fried steaks of the multitudes of
restaurants, from the filling stations
that served as minature oases to gaudy
tourist traps, these more than 2,200
miles of open road were magical.

Gaze down the long road and listen.
You may hear echos of the past#&151;
echos of Route 66.

It winds from Chicago to L.A.,
More than two thousand miles all the way.
Get your kicks on Route Sixty-six!

Bobby Troup, Route 66, 1946

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