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Painted Desert Rim Trail

As storms, clouds, sunlight, and shadows move across the multicolored hills below, imagine how time, water, and wind have shaped this intricately carved landscape. Those living here see the beauty of its subtle changes and are witness to its moods. To a newcomer, terms such as "barren" or "desolate" seem appropriate descriptors. But in fact, the Painted Desert contains a fascinating and complex combination of plants and animals.

Tawa Point to Painted Desert Inn

Length: 0.6 miles (one way) Elevation: 5,826 feet The "Rim Trail" hugs the edge of this windswept mesa, providing dramatic, long-distance views. Wayside exhibits describe gologic features and introduce you to the plants, animals, and people. Benches provide opportunities for relaxation and reflection. Remember that you are treading on a fragile land#&151;watch where you step and leave things as they are.

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