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Adapting To Extremes

Plants living here do not have the luxury of
shelter, running water, and climate control to deal
with the extremes of their location. But, by using
a variety of specialized growth forms, plants have
adapted to these challenging environmental
conditions. As you walk along the rim, try to
identify which tactic you think each plant uses.

Prickly Pear
Its shallow, wide-spreading root
system helps gather surface
moisture from brief showers.

Saltbush (young)
Fine hairs covering light-colored
leaves protect this plant from
intense sunlight.

To conserve water this plant
remains dormant during winter
and periods of drought.

Narrowleaf Yucca
The yucca's leaves are arranged
to channel moisture to the
plant's center.

Mormon Tea
Scale-like leaves and waxy skin
help this plant retain moisture.

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