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Agate House

A House of Gems
This structure, called Agate House, is
a partial reconstruction of an Indian
pueblo built here almost ten centuries
ago. Indians built dwelling walls like
these of petrified wood sealed with
mud mortar. Archaeologists believe
the original eight-room pueblo was
built between A.D. 1050 and 1300

The absence of a kiva (underground
ceremonial chamber) and the relatively
small amount of cultural debris found at
Agate House indicate a brief occupancy.
Reconstruction of its rooms occurred
after archaeological excavation in 1934.

This drawing of a typical pueblo roof construction
shows how the people of Agate House may have
completed their petrified wood dwellings. The large
handformed jar, decorated with corrugated patterns,
is typical of pottery found at this site.

Archaeologists' floorplan of Agate House. Room 7 has
been reconstructed--built under standards no longer
acceptable by the National Park Service and may be

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